Become more confident business communicator with your current Spanish skills

Adopt new strategies that will help you to communicate in Spanish with your coworkers every day.

A pack of 3 sheets to write commercial texts to your clients.

learn Spanish with Beata

Why is it important to learn Spanish for work today?


Multicultural Business XXI

Business professionals are exposed to multiple commercial encounters. It is essential to understand your clients’ culture. Do you know the culture of your Spanish client?


Bilingual communication

Businesses need professionals with communication skills to perform well in teams and to set up successful commercial relationships. Do you communicate well in Spanish?


Outsmart your competition

Professional communication in intercultural surroundings is effective when the language and the culture are paired well together. Do you know how to promote it in your business?

I want to congratulate you because you already know how important it is to study Spanish nowadays, that’s why you are here.

If you want to grow your professional profile, you must master Spanish for business.

So, how does it differentiate from general Spanish? Let’s see…


Know how to present in Spanish to communicate clearly your idea to your audience.


Learn how to write business emails in few minutes or speak on the phone with your Spanish clients

learn Spanish with Beata


Know how to prepare for an interview in Spanish to demonstrate your new skills and get a new job.


Learn how to make and build new confident relationships with your new Spanish coworkers.

Have you stopped studying due to any of these motives?



Not enough time after a long day at work.



You can’t find a book that gives you all the answers you need.



Not enough will power to persuade it.


Cultural Shock

Not able to fit in on the team.

learn spanish for business
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Now you have the opportunity to make your own class. With the Spanish knowledge that you already have, joined with my Spanish for business, you will be ready to master the language in your job.

It is more important to understand and to be understood than to reach perfection.

It is now easier to invest in your education anywhere in the world thanks to the online era. Achieve Spanish communication that makes you feel confident and proud of yourself.